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Heap has arrived to fill the void those who had worshipped at The Replacements' altar have felt since their heroes went their separate ways so many years ago. Heap's adrenaline-pumping soulful party rock vibe runs on the deep alcohol enhanced-sounding voice of Tim Heap (vocals and guitar) stomping across tasty and raunchy guitar licks that he churns out with fellow guitarist George Chambers. The sound runs wild, but stays in the arena of traditional rock due to the sure and steady crash-bang rhythm section of drummer Frank Saitta and bassist David Merrill. Heap totally get what it means to be young, insane and in a rock band, and from the opening riff of "Electricity" all the way through to the set closer, the rocking tribute to Latina love "Puerto Rican Girls", this quartet pushes the intensity pedal to the metal. Also, in an effort to show that the boys can think outside the two guitar, bass and drums box, Heap spread out the sound with the occasional additions of keyboards, horns and mandolins. On The Cheap is a wake-up kick in the nuts to the world of polished and canned schlock, while offering rock purists a healthy dose of the real thing.
—Good Times Magazine

12 songs. 31 minutes. You'll never mistake these Brooklyn-based guitar thrashers for Yes. And there's not a damned thing wrong with that. If someone took the first Plimsouls record and tossed it into a blender with The Replacements, you'd get a pretty good idea of what the sophomore effort from this New York quartet sounds like. Luckily for them, however, they can't be accused of being mere copyists. Like New London, CT rockers The Reducers (who, conveniently, own the label) Heap put their own stamp on such thrashers as "Stabbing Pain," "Get Your Own," and "the Sober Life." Even such Tim-sounding outtakes as "One Thing I'm Doing WIthout'" sound unique while hitting all the right buttons.
—The Big Takeover, issue #56

Good, well-written New York rock. Meaty guitars over throbbing rhythms. The Replacements ride again!

A collection of snappy, good-time t-shirt 'n jeans anthems.Tracks like "Backsliding" and "One Thing I'm Doing Without" have some hooks that might getcha waxin' back to those pre-internet days in the smoky student union.

On the Cheap (Rave On) Considering that New York spawned the contemptible Strokes, it's hard to imagine it being a city with a genuine rock & roll revival hitting its streets. But bands like the Compulsions, Tiger Mountain and the Izzys are making the boroughs safe for loud guitars, easy hooks and passionate sincerity once again, and Heap is ready to take advantage of the spotlight. Songwriter Tim Heap's group (with some help from ex-Rattlers/STOP! guitarist Mickey Leigh) draws from the same sources as its bretheren-the Stones, Johnny Thunders, the more rocking side of power pop-but with a more blatant dash of roots rock. But don't let comparisons and distinctions distract you from great songs like "Vague," "Backsliding" and "No Shame"-if you dig good singin', good playin' and the feel of a throbbing heart in your hands, you're gonna dig Heap. Michael Toland

Heap on the Cheap
by Alan Bisbort - April 7, 2005
Any record that promises to fondly recall those nights on the town when you "make it home in time to call in sick for work" is worth a listen, for old times' sake, if nothing else. That it's veteran New York rockers Heap, and released by some DIY rockers from New London, practically demands it. Heap on the Cheap doesn't disappoint. This is what the Replacements might sound like if they'd all gotten sober. "Backsliding" is the funniest song about falling off the wagon since Lou Reed's "Power of Positive Drinking." And the conscience-stabbing "The Sober Life" proves you don't have to be wasted to rock your ass off.
(Rave On)
—Hartford Advocate, 4/7/05

On The Cheap (Rave On):
Scruffy rock in the tradition of The Replacements and middle-period Goo Goo Dolls, with some slight forays into Americana that also make Marah a solid comparison. Heck, you could probably shoehorn in a little J. Geils Band and Graham Parker in there too. Which means this is unabashed rock and roll, sincere and spirited and fueled by girls, partying and beer. Lead singer Tim Heap was born to sing this roadhouse rock. Heap has a weathered voice, and he strains and snarls and sighs while he and his mates create an organized racket. The racket can be quite bouncy, as on "Women", which Heap co-wrote with guitarist Mickey Leigh. The song has a bit of a "Hang on Sloopy" rhythm, rocked up a bit, and is cleverly arranged to allow for lots of nice guitar bits. The instrumental break features a killer solo. The band really hits Graham Parker territory on "Vague", which is gruff R & B flavored rock leavened by a great melodic chorus, fueled by a delicate lead guitar part. Of course, Heap is made to kick some ass, and songs like "Puerto Rican Girl", "No Shame" and "Electricity" are automatic in that regard. Heap perfectly mixes inspiration, perspiration and passion.
—Michael Bennett, Fufkin.com 4/14/05

Classic rock'n roll, but Heap is 2005, baby. And they bring the best, most shining example of The Replacements inspired rock'n roll that I can recall. Really. I'll sound the call more clearly: You into The Replacements, Heap this up onto the shelf and bring this baby home for some serious luvin'! There's lots of the rootsy, bar charm that The Plimsouls brought to the party, too (think first Plimsouls album)---as well as the post-'Mats band, Bash and Pop and a bit of Love Nut. Rocking and almost criminally hooky....the thick sound ties in with the tight arrangements to ratchet up the fervour that much more. If Heap doesn't make your soul bubble open with joy, then are you already dead. This is *real* hook-ridden rock 'n roll that pop lovers are going to dig, Dig and DIG!! Got it? Bolstered by the brash bar band bravado and serious chops, Heap goes to the top of this heap of music this week, month and quite possibly for the year. Timeless and pure joy. Extremely Highly Recommended!

Just out on Rave On Records comes Heap. It would be a lie for me to say I don't know these guys, or that I didn't share a studio space with them in New York. But it wouldn't be a lie to say I never really thought these guys were that great. Really nice and sweet, but they just didn't have "it", whatever "it" is. But now they do. Their CD, Heap on the Cheap, rocks. These guys now understand the importance of loud guitars, angry yet melodic vocals, and stop-on-a-dime musicianship. That may be because Mickey Leigh, brother of Joey Ramone, has been working with them quite a bit, but it's more likely that members Georgie Boy and Tim have just grown into the shoes that they were always meant to fill. They now rock out with tunes like "Stabbing Pain," "No Shame," and my favorite, "Puerto Rican Girl." These guys are true New Yorkers, and the guitar riffs prove as much. If you like old school New York punk, you'll love Heap. If you don't like this type of music, you have no taste.
—George Tabb, Phoenix New Times, 3/24/05

HEAP On The Cheap (Rave On Records, PO Box 1388, New London CT 06320) Catchy punky rocknroll. This reminded me a lot of Bostons Real Kids, which is a good thing. The Replacements come to mind too as a strong influence (also a good thing). Also I like a New York band that could easily slide into the fashionista retro-garage scene but chooses to play out in jeans and t-shirts anyway. One suggestion: learn a few covers. All Kindsa Girls would be a good place to start. Inspirational verse: couldnt get arrested/ not that I suggest it.
—Jim Testa
Jersey Beat

February 28, 2005
"On the Cheap"
Heap are a great, loud melodic rock and roll band from Brooklyn spearheaded by Tim Heap and their sophomore record "On the Cheap" has been blaring from my home stereo to my car stereo for the last week. Absolutely top notch rock and roll from a band that pumps out such killer cuts as "Backsliding", "The Sober Life" and the always memorable "Puerto Rican Girl." To give you a taste check out the full-length MP3 of "Women" live at Arlene's Grocery on December 10th, 2004 and a bunch of samples from their new CD on their Sounds page. Further samples can be found at their label Rave-on Records. This is great stuff and highly recommended. I like the description of the band on CD Baby "They play and sing about what they know best - friends, girlfriends and girls that will never be girlfriends." Check 'em out. Later.
—www.rocknrollreport.com 2/28/05

First-rate garage pop! Think Replacements circa "Let It Be" and "Tim", "Exile On Main Street"-era Stones and a little Plimsouls and you get a real good idea of what you'll find here! Catchy songs featuring gravelly, snarling vocals supported by some of the crunchy-est, riffy-est guitars! Dig the Bobby Keys-like sax on "Get Your Own"! These guys make one helluva bar band! EXCELLENT!!!!
—Kool Kat Musik
George Chambers
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