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Heap is a rock'n'roll band from NYC. The people involved are:

David Merrill – bass/multi-instrumentalist/recording engineer. David's first rock project was Lester Bangs' Birdland, in 1977. He played bass in was the recording engineer on the LP. After the demise of Birdland, he continued playing with remaining members Mickey Leigh and Matty Quick in a band called The Rattlers in the early '80's. They toured the U.S., and played supporting The Ramones, The Clash, The B52's, Joan Jett, The Buzzcocks, XTC, and others. He stopped playing gigs and became a full-time engineer, working at Master Sound Studios with the likes of Keith Richards, Placido Domingo, David Sanborn, REM,, Tony Bennett and a host of other people. He joined Heap in 2000, and is responsible for most of the recording and mixing of "on the cheap".

Frank Saitta – drums. Frank played on the debut STOP! cd with Mickey Leigh. A former drum tech for the Ramones, he collaborated with CJ Ramone and on the first Los Gusanos release. He also was the drummer with the Plug Uglies, a side project of Andy Shernoff and Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators. He started playing with Heap in 2002.

George Chambers – guitar/vocals. George grew up in Brooklyn, NY and played with a number of hardcore bands in the '80's, and the noise/art group Splungent in the '90's. He played guitar in Heap from '97-2000, moved to Ireland, then came back to the States, and Heap, in '03.

Tim Heap – vocals/guitar. Tim moved to NYC in '92, played his first gig a month later at CBGB's, and has been writing songs and playing in NYC since. The band moniker "Heap" originated in '95 with Tim and a different line-up.


"Shut It Out/Prison Parole and Prison" 45, Whizzo Records, 1996. Dante Piacenza-gtr/vox, Paul Koenigsburg-bass/vox, Tim Heap-vox/gtr, Todd Ernst-drums.

"Don't Call Us, We Already Broke Up" CD, In Stores Nowhere Records, 1998. George Chambers-gtr/vox, Paul Koenigsburg-bass/vox, Tim Heap-vox/gtr, Todd Ernst-drums.

"Puerto Rican Girl" (live), from the "Best of NYC – Live at Continental Volume 1" CD compilation
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"On the Cheap" CD, Rave On Records, 2005. Current line-up, with a bunch of playing by Mickey Leigh-gtr/co-writing, and Pat Carpenter-drums, who were both in the band from '99 to '03.

George Chambers
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